On telling the truth…

Last week I caught up with Thouraya and I managed to finally get my hands on the Colette Chantilly dress pattern. She, on the other hand, managed to get her hands on my entire Oliver & S pattern collection, so stay watching her blog for exciting sewing progress.

So now with fabric and pattern in hand for this intended project, I started thinking about the modifications I’d have to make to the pattern to get it to work.

First, I need to add a bit to the waist. I was also thinking about slightly dropping the neckline, possibly using the back yoke on the front too, just because I know scoop necks look better on me. Then I need to look into a small bust adjustment on top of the adjustments to the bust required from the yoke change. I’ve been looking into SBA’s and read posts here and here, but because there is a gathered bust on this dress I thought it wise to also consult my mum for advice.

Well, maybe there was something in the air on Sunday but I pulled the pattern from my bag and my mum announced “I don’t like that dress, I hate that dress, there is nothing at all that I like about that dress!” I was floored. My mum is normally a pretty polite and tactful person when it comes offering opinions, but on Sunday she was not.

Now I’m not offended by this, just rather surprised and it has made me think about the dress a little more. It certainly isn’t the style of dress that I normally wear, but I thought it would be cute and floaty. I’m not curvy or busty, but I thought think might give me a little more shape. I thought the gathers at the bust might help me a little, but Mum thinks not. Although I did read the Selfish Seamstresses post here about Colette patterns for people with boyish figures like me, I thought I’d still give it a try.

However, now I’m starting to second guess my plans. My mum does know me rather well, she really knows my style and I inherited my less than shapely body from her (except she has boobs). The modifications I’d like to make are quite significant, especially to the front yoke and bust. I’d definitely have to make a toile to check everything, which adds time and effort to a make. I also have a lot of other sewing to do right now – Christmas presents, clothes for gifts, clothes for orders, bonnets for My Messy Room (which sold out in a few days – yay!!).

So what would you do? Do you think I should persevere or should I change plans?

I’ve begun looking online at alternatives all are quite floaty. I like bodice G from New Look 6773 with the flared skirt option. I love the sweet little ruffles on the shoulders, but am concerned about them looking a little too cutesy. Alternatively the D bodice will be nice and clean and fitted.

I also like option B from New Look 6805 with the sash, but worry that it might not be summery enough. Although maybe it will be because the fabric is so light.
Lastly, I also like bodice D and E from New Look 6774. This dress doesn’t have a full skirt like the other which I was hoping to try, but I think it’s definitely more me and very wearable.

So this is my dilemma – do I sew the Chantilly or choose one of the above? I selected all my options from New Look as they are the cheapest patterns at full price and I don’t think Spotlight will have patterns on sale before Christmas.

What do you think?

  • Do the Chantilly or you will be forever wondering what if! I think your modifications would make the pattern suit your shape perfectly!

    On another note…mwahahaha (an attempted evil laugh)…Oliver + S….where to begin?!?!

  • oooh I love it when I really know how to chime in.

    Skip the Chantilly. Also, do not make anything with a cross-over bust. I like bodice B & G from New Look 6773 and bodice A from 6805.

    I think everything from 6774 is not right for your (aka MY) shape. Gathered bodice's are really tricky to wear. I have one and with a natural waist it just doesn't look right. Embrace how slim you are. Don't be afraid of a fuller skirt though. Love your last dress.

  • I love the Chantilly, that neckline always makes shoulders look nice and broad and I would've thought a fuller skirt would give you the impression of a waist? I don't know, it's so hard when you can't try it on. Prioritise your work though, make your Xmas things and fill your orders before you start distracting yourself. BTW, have you got good padded bra and/or chicken fillets? Somehow my nieces ended up with small bust and they swear by them.