So my little girl is one.

Today is Adele’s birthday and contrary to blog fashion, I won’t write an epic about how wonderful she is, or that it’s been a joy, or that life is just so super grand.

She is one today and the coolest thing about that, is that for just two weeks I’ll be able to say I have a 3 year old, two year old and one year old.

You see I had a proper three under three, as in my eldest wasn’t three when Adele was born. I know NUTS!!

For those who didn’t know, Adele was a surprise, but she is a pretty cool surprise. And for a sewer, it is pretty cool to have an excuse to make both boy and girl clothes.  
Anyway, we love her so much and the family is pretty complete now.

Tis all for now, but please cross your fingers that the weather fines up for the big party on Sunday. Showers are forecast and we have 80+ kids and adults coming over to help celebrate. What will I do if it rains???

Just a peek

I was asked by some very dear friends to make a cot quilt for their ‘yet to arrive’ nephew. I jumped at the excuse to make a quilt again – it seems like forever since I made one!

Here’s just a small peek. It’s bold and bright, with lots of orange, red, blue, green and yellow. It also has a bunch of my favourite prints like Micheal Miller hedgehogs, Heather Ross Octopus (I this this is my favourite boy print ever!), some Urban Circus elephants and giraffes, Wheels by Riley Blake, David Walker ‘Oh Boy’ and a bunch of lovely, lovely spots and stripes including some Honeycomb Kei.

I’m in love!! I’ll reveal the whole quilt later this week when the binding is sewn on. When will I find time to hand sew the binding???

The type of laundry I like….

Like most other peeps out there, I’m not a big fan of laundry. This however, is the type of laundry I love,
love, love to look at!
When the dollar was almost on parity with the US, I decided to select a few new fabric designs for bonnets. They are now all washed and pressed, just screaming to be cut into!
I specifically tried to pick more pink and girly prints including peek-a-boo animals in the top left, more Denyse Schmidt in the middle, some Farmdale by Alexander Henry, some super super sweet Mo Bedell and a little Cosmo Cricket. There are a few other mixers in there too.
Once my prac teaching is over, you can expect more of these to hit the shop. If are interested in a bonnet made up in any of these fabrics, just drop me a line and I’ll see if I can pull it together for you before then.

Notice the lovely blue walls?? They came with the house when we purchased it. They only remain upstairs in my sewing room. They are the reason why my sewing space has been restricted so much of late. Hopefully hubby paints them up quick!

Flea Market Finds

This post is for Sally.
When she blogged recently about her husband coming home with the entire collection of Golden Hands Weekly, I was jealous. Jealous that her husband would even know that it was something good to give (my husband dishes out the most boring gifts…. dustbuster, tongs, etc.), but even more jealous of the awesome collection of magazines that she now owned!
I own only a few random editions of Golden Hands and know how retro and cool they are.
Fast forward´╗┐ one week to yesterday. As I passed my local Vinnies on the way to the supermarket I thought I’d pop in for a short browse and whooppeeee, what did I see???

 A full, bound collection of Golden Hands Weekly!!!

Inside they are jam packed with 70’s crafty goodness. I’ve been admiring the crochet trims that Kate has made for her dresses and now, I own many, many different vintage crochet trim patterns.

I had been pondering crocheting some stars for the Christmas tree this year as they will be quite safe for kiddies (no breaking glass balls) and now I own a few different star patterns.

 And a few sweet flower patterns too!

Do you think my boys will looks as happy as this kid if I crochet them little vests like this???
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t even looked through three of the folders yet – Yippee!
Note – Sally, I’m teaching grade two – 25 jumping eight year olds!