Busy week

This is a very busy week for me, which is why I’ve not posted since Saturday. For all those who don’t know, I’m half way through a career change. In my former life I was a marketing communications manager. In my future life, I will be a primary school teacher.

This is my first week-long prac teaching session and I’m really enjoying it. I have been assigned to a year 2 class in a quiet, leafy school south west of Sydney. My supervising teacher is very cool, very normal and not too over the top.

Becoming a teacher is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while. Even before I had kids I wanted to be a teacher, but the thought of leaving a good job to become a student again was a little too much of a leap at the time. So after being made redundant, during the GFC, while on maternity leave (yes – it can happen!!!) and with two kiddies at home, the time seemed right to make the change.

While juggling the study workload with the care of three little ones is challenging, I’m hopeful it will provide me with a more satisfying and flexible career to enjoy. Unfortunately though, with a bunch of preparation work to get through this week, it means I won’t be around much – boo!!

I’ll leave you now with a photo of some educational bikkies that I made with the boys recently – well that way my excuse for making them anyway.

Stay cool and I’ll see you next week.

Funny parenting.

This parenting caper is so funny sometimes.

The new food trick – carrot chips!!

Slice carrot finely, make a BIG fuss and serve. My poor boys are such suckers!

They are wearing their new ‘Craig’ shirts from Grandma.

Ollie’s latest pose for the camera – ‘take a photo of me, take a photo of me’

Little Adele in her new dress from Grandma.

Sometimes when you miss the sleep signals, little Adele can sort herself out.

tis all for now.

The nursery is finally finished.

Tiny Adele is now 10 months old, which is very hard for me to believe. Thankfully, I’ve just finished her nursery! ha!

The last item needed was a wardrobe. It’s so disheartening making lovely clothes for your little one, only to witness husband rolling them into balls (his way of folding) and shoving them into over stuffed draws.

Thanks to some Ebay trading I managed to snap up this adorable wardrobe for the little one. It was already painted white, which saves me a lots of time refurbing one myself and I love, love, love the sweet queen anne feet.

Now that the wardrobe is in place a few other things have been moved around, like her cot.

I made the quilt hanging on the back on the cot. It was my first attempt at applique and I used a pattern which was on the Living Creatively website (which no longer appears to exist). The quilt on the base of cot was made by mum, it’s a girl version of one of the quilts from the first Material Obsession book, the one with the monkeys on it. The softie in the corner of the cot was a gift from the very talented Rachel.

To complete the tour here’s little Adele dressser.

This was actually my dresser from when I was growing up. I think mum and dad picked it up off the side of the road. My older sister and I used to share it, we each had one big draw and one small one – tough times!! I refurbed the chair while pregnant with Adele and also made the crochet hexagon granny blanket hanging over the back of it.

Here’s the new wardrobe with some of her little things inside.

So much more space to fill though. Clearly I NEED to keep sewing for her…

My Creative Space…

The avalanche continues!! Three garments in three days!!! Woot woo!

This a-line skirt has been in the works (mentally) for a while. I originally mentioned it when I first outlined my wardrobe plans for this year. Actually just looking back at that post, I’ve now made 6 items from it. All are now being worn, except the kaftan, which is pretty darn impressive if I do say so myself.

Anyway, back on track, the pattern is pretty much self drafted. I did originally cut cut the fabric using this New Look pattern, but it has been modified soooooo much that I don’t think I need to credit this pattern AT ALL!!!

I’m pretty happy with the result and think this will be my Wednesday next week!!

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