My creative space…

A finished bolero for Adele!!! 
This was completed last night in front of the TV and I love it. I made it with Bendigo Mills 4 ply cotton.
In other news I’ve recently found out that my uni workload next semester will be significantly higher than I expected – like a whole extra day!!! So this blog and my shop will be winding up. I have a list of priorities and these two are on the bottom of the list. I’ll be slowly adding the remainder of my market stock on Made it over the coming few days at discounted rates. I’ll always still sew (I actaully only post a very small portion of my creations here), but don’t feel that I need to keep this up given that I really need to concentrate on uni and the kids!!
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My Creative Space

Is it feeling warmer where you are today??? Nope – not here either, but it didn’t stop me staying up past 11 last night working on this summer dress for Adele.

I made it with a few new fat quarters purchased from the Amitie stand at the Quilt and Craft show in Sydney yesterday. Talk about immediate inspiration. I love the contrast of fabrics. The pink yoke fabric is honeycomb kei fabric, not sure what the bottom fabric is but it’s very lightweight. The dress is based on this thrifted pattern, but not exactly. 

In my haze of late night sewing I stuffed the button placket and the binding and forgot to trim the yoke, but I think it still works – I just need to finish it before summer.

I also finished another UFO last night…

A vest for Adele. I think every 7 month baby needs a vest right??

And always crocheting on the side…

This will be another bolero for Adele from this Cleckheaton book, made with super soft cotton from the Bendigo Woolen Mills.

For more creative spaces head over to Kirsty’s…..

Beautiful binding

I have an order for a dress based on this one that I made for Adele.

Needing binding to complete it and wanting to use something cool without costing a fortune and importantly, avoiding the shops, I thought I’d knock some up myself. Now this isn’t a new activity for me, but I have today made my longest ever piece of continuous bias binding.

Almost 20 meters worth!!! Isn’t it beautiful!!!

I didn’t expect it to be that long. I just kept ironing the strip that I made from about 1 meter worth of a lovely, pre-washed cotton floral. It’s one of my favourite fabrics and has been put to good use. I think I paid about $5 meter for it from my local asian fabric shop and this is some of the last. Needless to say I won’t be needing to make binding again for a while and EVERYTHING will be bound with this stuff 🙂

I’ll have to post later this week about the lovely new dress that I made for myself. Unfortunately it is so grotty it needs a proper wash and iron before showing you.

Also, if you are in Sydney or more specifically the south/southwest area, the Sutherland/St George Brown Owls are catching up at Oatley Hotel. Feel free to come along and craft and chat and chat and chat and maybe craft….