Necessary crafting

So after so much sewing for others, my poor kids have been a little neglected. OK that might be a little melodramatic, they are fed, clothed and happy, but there are a few small items that I should make for them.

First up – beanies for the boys….

The crochet caps that I made a couple of weeks ago flew off the table at the markets and while I kept one for Adele, they were in no way suitable for the boys. So I picked up this pattern from here to make these awesome giraffe hats!! I didn’t follow the hat pattern, as I know how to make hats from memory, but did roughly follow the horn and ear pattern. The hat itself is a little large, which is why I added a  rolled up a cuff made with a smaller crochet hook. It’s still a bit big,  but it’ll do. I have some green yarn left over from a blanket that I think will become an alien hat for James.

Also on the ‘to do’ list – booties for Adele.

Like most babies, she kicks off her socks so I’m hoping to customise some booties that will stay on. This is the first one that I made, I think it’ll work, just need to remember all the modifications I made to the pattern so I can make a matching one for the other foot…

Lastly a cute shot of Adele today wearing her new skirt

Ahhh so adorable!!

Back for a baby sewing binge.

Assignments have been handed in and markets done.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I have these last few weeks and it nearly broke me. I think this phenomenally busy time has really made me realise that I’m not super woman or super mum. I need to really think before I commit to time consuming activities as my family is my priority. That said I will NEVER EVER enrol in full time uni again. I know, even as I write that I think ‘how did I ever think it was going to be easy???’ I’m also giving the markets a rest for a while. They are lots of fun and good for sales, but just a little too much to keep going to with baby Adele and certainly too much to do when coupled with online sales.

So, having said that doesn’t mean that I’ve not been hitting the machine. I’ve actually been on a bit of a baby sewing binge – sewing a bunch of much needed clothes for Adele including:

This adorable dress.
It’s made with a lovely dusty teal, wide wale cord and has a vintage doily around the neck. I’ve also bound it in adorable pink and cream stripe binding, which my mum gave to me. I’ve actually taken inspiration from a frock from Carefree Clothes for Girls, which I bought only to realise all of the patterns start from size 4… doh!
I also made Adele this cute long sleeve dress/swing top
It is from this edition of Ottobre magazine. I made it in a super soft teal pinwale cord, contrasted with a yoke in my most favourite paisley fabric, which is very soon to run out.
Both of these tops or dresses will be perfect with tights and a onesie in winter. So to will this skirt!!
It’s made with the same pinwale cord as the top above and lined with some fabric given to me by a very dear friend. I love this fabric so much, so I’m super pleased that I used it to make something super awesome. 
I added pockets to the back of the skirt to show off some of the little birds and crocheted some ric rac to trim the hem and pockets.
So that’s it for now – my 18 hour baby clothes binge is over. Adele is awake wanting to be fed, the kitchen needs to be cleaned, floors vacuumed and mopped and dinner to make…. back to being a mum.


I’m really struggling right now to find enough time to get the things done that need to be done. I have two major essays due on Monday and I think I’m going to have to ask for my first extension in my many years of uni study. I also have the  markets to prepare for this Saturday and still have a steady trickle of orders coming in to address. Adele is sleeping a little less, the boys are waking at 5.30, I am trying to wean the little one, as well as keep up with some home cooked solids to go with the commericial baby food, play with the boys, cook dinner, clean house, do laundry – oh and apparently I have a husband who occasionally wants to have a conversation or two with me…..
I keep saying ‘I just need to get through the next week and things will be easier’. Once uni is over for the semester some of my time will free up.
I frequently take on too much in my life, then have to deal with a big squeeze every now and then. This is one of them.
I’m looking forward to a little more time to chill out and have fun with the kids. I’m also looking foward to sewing more things for us – specifically for us, not just the things that haven’t sold at the markets. Not sure how much longer going to markets will last for me. I’m contemplating just running the shop online, in the meantime, I’ll just keep going on….

Time saver no.1 – teach toddler to feed baby.

Will be back – hopefully soon when assignments are done and I’m back to being me.