My creative space

This week it’s about getting cracking on orders and finishing some older projects.

Since seeing these awesome crochet goodies here, I’ve decided to have a go at making Adele some overalls. Basically, I’m winging my way through making some pants, then will add a bib and straps. These will by no means be as fancy as the Teeny Tiny ones, but should be nice for winter. What you can see here is a waist band and the top of the pants, legs should follow soon.

The cardigan shown a few weeks ago here, is now more unfinished than before. My lovely first child decided to unravel it early one morning. I’m determined to finish this within the week…. hopefully

I’m also working on finishing a few more boys pocket pants…

And this new green dress is a recent distraction. Do you find that when you have orders banked up, it’s even easier to find new things to do?? I found this awesome green cord at Spotlight yesterday and it was singing out to me. This dress was knocked up last night, hopefullly it’ll also be finished tonight, just needs buttons and a big kangaroo pocket like my other recent designs .

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I’m no so cool

I’ve never thought I was particularly cool, but today I’ve re-affirmed I am indeed, not cool at all. What brought on this realisation you ask?? Well I went out shopping for jeans. When did this become such a difficult task? I walked around to almost every shop with no success – everything is too low, tight, skinny or shiny. Alternatively, the music is too loud or too irritating or the pram with sleeping babe won’t fit through the store….

I came home without jeans, but did impulse buy some bed linen that I’ve been coveting since, well, forever! And in an extremely out of character move for me, it wasn’t even on sale!!!

It’s a classic Orla Kiely print set which is in my colours! It was made for me and now it’s mine – yay!!

Hopefullly it’ll be on my bed by the end of tomorrow.

Sick, sick, sick

No not the cool type of sick, just the regular, awful, draining type of sick – that’s my family right now.

Ollie and James have a terrible cough/cold with super high, persistant fevers and last night Adele had an exorcist moment, which now hubby is suffering from. Thankfully I’m still standing, but I’m really, really, really, REALLY looking forward to life getting back to normal

Now that the markets have finished again for another month, I’ll be listing a few new items in my shop over the next few days, like this adorable little dress complete with grosgrain ribbon trim and belt.