Adele started to get cranky at dinner time recently. We thought initially it was just a typical ‘witching hour’ whinge and ignored it. But the other day I gave her a piece of zucchini and she wolfed it down. The next day a piece of tomatoe, again the same results. I know this is a slightly unconventional start to solids, but the rules do change with baby no. 3.

She LOVES food, especially when she can feed herself. She’s only 5 months old, so we are taking it slow, but it’s hard to ignore that this is what she wants.This is breakfast this morning. Just a plain piece of bread, which she’s demolishing. It’s so funny to watch, she’s so tiny!
I stayed up way too late last night sewing up orders from the weekend, including two new smock sets. I ran out of my awesome paisley fabric, but these two look equally nice.They’ll be shipped off to new homes this weekend. I think one little girl needs hers for a party on Sunday.

Studying, not sewing – again!!!

Gahh – I’d rather be sewing than studying, but part of having limited time to study means planning your studying and beginnning assignments two weeks before they’re due, so you can get them done before ‘the night before they are due’.

I should explain that I’m not enjoying my study right now, only because I have to complete two undergraduate subjects that are outside of my field of knowledge to qualify for my Masters. These are two proper Arts subjects – you know looking at and interpreting art. While I am a creative person, I’m not arty, so I am finding these subjects quite challenging and (I hate to say) painful.

So if anyone knows much about Baroque art or Freudian psychoanalysis in relation to advertising, I’d appreciate any help!

In other news, I’ve updated my shop with some new boys cords and girls pinny’s.

These are of two of my brightest designs. I love these boys cords. I don’t think little boys should wear so much brown and grey. I say teal pants are a ‘must have’ for every little boy this winter.

Oh – and I really must get started on my pin cushion!! I have the design in my head I just need to start it….

Trying to save money…

By not cutting James’ hair. Well not really, I just tell myself and others that when the topic arises. He has such adorable blonde hair, but it’s getting a little unmanageable – not only do we need bobby pins to keep it out of his eyes, but on warm days like today we also need to tie it up.

I think I’m going to have to do something sometime soon…Happy Sunday to all!!

Scrappy kids in the morning

I always think it’s funny how scrappy my kids look in the morning. They scrub up OK once fed and dressed, but first thing they look like a bunch of orphans.

Adele looks less scrappy than the boys as she coated herself in mashed banana and had to be dressed first.
This morning I discovered a new favourite morning food, ‘egg balls’ AKA hard boiled eggs. They are a huge hit – I highly recommend to other mum’s of toddlers.

No sewing yesterday or last night, despite having a few orders to fill and having the markets this Saturday – eek!! The garbage man took James’ dummy away on Wednesday night, which unfortunately means a little less sleep for the rest of us….zzzzzz….

Having three kids so young is hard work.